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Oakland Injury Attorney Richard Richardson

“A Progression of Steps in… Making People Whole”

Video Transcript:

Richard Richardson:

I knew that I wanted to be involved with helping people, I didn't know in what capacity.

I played football in college, and eventually I learned that I had a brain. I quit running into the big guys, and I realized that I had a brain, so I used my brain and I said, “Well, I want to be an attorney and continue to help people.”

For just under five years, I was a prosecutor in San Francisco and after that period of time, I had a young baby, a beautiful baby daughter, and my wife at the time was a military attorney, and so we wanted to move to D.C. for her for her career. I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, so I was a stay-at-home dad for a year, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Then I worked in the Department of Defense. So I worked for a federal agency, dealing with federal issues. In that time, I worked on employment cases and I realized that people need help on both sides of the bar.

Oftentimes you get people when they're at their worst moment, you know? Their family members are in the hospital, they're in the hospital, they have serious permanent injuries, and you want to try to help them out and make them whole.

I was learning insurance issues, how to make victims whole through their own insurance policies such as homeowner's policies or underinsured motorist policies, as well as the person who may have committed the act against them, their insurance policies.

So that's how I evolved. Everything seemed to be a ladder; it was a progression of steps that were leading me to have more and more knowledge in making people whole.

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