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Healthcare entities commit billions of dollars worth of fraud every year. Claims are misclassified, details are fudged, and bills are charged for services never rendered. If you’ve witnessed healthcare fraud and not reported it, the federal government may decide that you are part of the problem. By blowing the whistle, you can become part of the solution.

Jason Brown is Senior Litigator and head of the law firm Brown, L.L.C, based in Jersey City, New Jersey. He helps people throughout the country. In this video, he explains that there’s a wrong way and a right way to blow the whistle on healthcare fraud.

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Submitting false claims is a slippery slope.

While it may not seem like a big deal at first for a healthcare organization to file a Claim A as a Claim B in order to receive what would be equal compensation if Claim A had responded, this is still dishonest and officially considered fraud. Unfortunately, this moral grey area often leads into further disreputable actions, like filing falsely for another type of claim which could result in more money at the cost of the organization’s moral compass.

Brown says his firm routinely goes after these types of doctors and health institutions. What might seem like merely fudging the truth to begin with often spirals into bigger, more harmful, and more costly fraud. If you are aware of this or other fraud being committed in your workplace, you have a responsibility to report it.

It’s better to take proactive steps to report the fraud rather than wait for the federal government to discover it on their own.

If you are aware of fraud being committed by your company and do not report it, you could very well be subject to the same legal consequences as the guilty individuals. Since whistleblower cases which can be complex and hard to prove, and often involve risk to the employee’s job and/or professional status, it’s especially vital to speak with an experienced whistleblower lawyer. A legal professional experienced in this field of law will be able to inform you of your rights in a whistleblower case, and help you go about reporting your company’s fraud in a way that protects you from employer retaliation, and also protects you from punishment on behalf of the federal government.

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Video Transcript:

There’s a lot of healthcare fraud. When Jeff Sessions was the Attorney General, he estimated that there were billions upon billions of dollars a year in healthcare fraud. And there’s a couple of ways that evolves and one of the ways that that happens is for smaller to mid-level practices, they get frustrated about the bureaucracy of the federal government, and they say, "Okay we’re not getting paid on claim A but if we submit the claim falsely as a claim B, we get paid equally." But what happens then is they go to another level, and go, “Well, since I can get paid equally, from level B as level A, if I submit C, now I’ll get paid twice as much, and the federal government won’t be any wiser,” and they start to do it and they lose their moral guidance and moral compass for profits and those are the doctors and health institutions and providers that we routinely go after.

There’s also all sorts of other scams they pull, they do up-coding. They bill for services not rendered, they classify different campuses being on campus versus off-campus. And also we can talk about a little bit, they’ve really led to some of these institutions to the opioid crisis here in the United States.

There’s a right way to blow the whistle and there’s a wrong way to blow the whistle and it is so critical to get quality representation, a good whistleblower lawyer, even if it’s not our firm, involved in this early on. If there’s a widespread, massive fraud going on, the government may figure out sometime down the line, and if you’re not part of the solution, the government may think you’re part of the problem. So you’re better off proactively getting a firm that does this to try to help you out rather than waiting for the FBI to knock on your door one morning at five in the morning, ask you what role you had in this conspiracy or fraud.

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