Was I Hit by a Texting Driver?

This video features Mike Maxwell, a Personal Injury attorney based in Washington.

Issaquah, Washington Car Accident Attorney Can Investigate

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

If you're hit by another driver and injured and you suspect they were texting while driving, what can you do? We asked Washington State lawyer Mike Maxwell for this, Ask The Lawyers Quick Question.

Mike Maxwell: 

So an attorney can do many things to help. First thing an attorney will do is gather the police reports, and then if there's a question whether the person was texting or using the phone, that can all be revealed by comparing the date and time of the accident versus the phone records which the attorney can subpoena. Oftentimes now, most modern cars have also got a black box, which records sudden... Information such as steering input, sudden braking, sudden acceleration, so the attorney can extract the computer information or the black box information from the bad driver's car, so we know exactly the moment that the collision occurred. And we also can compare that to the phone records, so if the bad driver says, "No, I wasn't texting or I wasn't on the phone," you can compare that to the phone records and show that the person is lying. So a good attorney knows how to do that.

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