When Does Child Support End?

When does child support end? Divorce attorney Kelli Hooper explains when children will stop receiving child support.

Video Transcript:

What happens is generally most orders will say that child support will end when the child turns 18, becomes emancipated, marries, or enters the armed services. But that's not triggered by anything in the court system, meaning that the payor would have to let the court know when any of those instances occur. We do have the ability of putting something in the order that says that the child support will stop. But we've just started doing that within the last several years and so it really is an affirmative act that has to take place when the payor's part to inform the court when child support should end. In this last legislative session we did have the that the legislators thankfully included a measure where we could apply and provide multiple child support worksheets in cases where maybe there are three children, and then as the children age out, then the child support number would drop. And that that makes it so much easier for the payor to have a modification without having to go back to court. But again that's probably not something a pro se party to do on their own. It's very likely they need to speak to an attorney about that process and how to get those multiple worksheets approved by the court.


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