Car Accident in a Semi-Truck’s Blind Spot?

This video features Ryan Skiver, a Personal Injury attorney based in Arizona.

Arizona Truck Accident Lawyer Explains Liability

Video Transcript:

Tom Mustin: 

Is the truck driver responsible for a crash if the other vehicle was in the truck driver's blind spot? We ask Arizona attorney, Ryan Skiver, in this Ask the Lawyers Quick question.

Ryan Skiver: 

One of the things we all know is that trucks do have blind spots. Well, trucking companies and truck drivers know that as well, and they actually have options to eliminate or to as close to as possible, eliminate those blind spots. It can be simple, cheap mirrors that go around the truck, that can eliminate those blind spots for them. It also goes into the aspect that I spoke about before, with having a commercial driver's license. As a truck driver, you have special training as a professional to make sure that you know what is going on around your truck at all times; You're constantly surveying and checking your mirrors to see if there are vehicles who are coming up and entering your blind spot, they don't just get there automatically, they don't just appear in your blind spot, they have to be coming from somewhere, and a driver that's paying attention will see that vehicle approaching and make sure they're keeping track of traffic around them before they do things like make turns or make a lane change. And so it's important that you understand that just because you are were in a blind spot, does not mean you were responsible for the crash.

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