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Why Have 150 Construction Workers Sued Hudson Yards?

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Why Have 150 Construction Workers Sued Hudson Yards?

On November 11, 2019, scaffolding on the 18th floor of an in-progress Hudson Yards New York City skyscraper collapsed. Two workers who were on the scaffolding were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries alongside two other injured workers. New York City’s Department of Buildings ordered a temporary work stoppage for the skyscraper and all other Hudson Yard projects in the skyscraper’s development. Local New York media confirmed that the accident appeared to be the first one to occur within the $25 billion development.

However, it was later discovered that many other accidents had been reported within the Hudson Yard development. After construction began on the Hudson Yards development’s first planned skyscraper in 2013, a construction worker filed a lawsuit against Hudson Yard due to injury. In 2016, when more workers began to join the project, the number of lawsuits increased. Several of the lawsuits alleged injury due to faulty scaffolding, or by being given faulty equipment to use around the scaffolding. Currently, the number of claims against Hudson Yards has risen to 150.

How have construction companies responded to the lawsuits?

Several of the entities involved in the lawsuits declined to issue statements to the press. One general statement, by Tishman Construction spokesman John Gallagher, said: “While we do not comment on [ongoing] claims, we worked closely with the building trade unions and our partner contractors to [utilize a strong] safety program on all of the projects at [the Hudson Yards] site. Anyone pushing a different narrative is intentionally distorting the facts to serve some other purpose.”

Many of the lawsuits and claims are still ongoing and have not assigned definite liability to any involved parties, but the high number of cases seen at the Hudson Yards development cast a spotlight on the importance of worker safety, and how workers can seek compensation if they believe are injured due to faulty equipment or operating standards. While the Hudson Yards case involves many construction workers, it is important to note that workers in any industry can be injured under unsafe conditions.

What to do after a construction site injury

If you are injured while working on a job due to defective working conditions, it is always important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. The attorney will be able to help you explore possible legal avenues, and begin an investigation as to the cause of your injury and any negative effects the injury has had on you. By doing this, your attorney can help you receive a fair resolution to the case, and put you on the road to recovery.


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