Georgia Forklift Accidents: What To Do After an Injury

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Georgia Forklift Accidents: What To Do After an Injury

Forklifts can cause devastating damage to both property and people. No matter how experienced the operator is, an accident can occur at any time, and it is not necessarily the operator’s fault. Make sure you know what to do in the event of a forklift accident, and what Georgia law says about seeking compensation.

Georgia Personal Injury Law: The Victim Deserves Compensation

And not just from one party. Injured parties actually have the right to not only pursue compensation from the employer, but the operator as well. Typically home improvement and big box stores see a lot of these occurrences involving the lifting of heavy merchandise, so if you happen to work in the shipping and receiving industry, this information could be relevant to you.

If you’re injured in a forklift accident while working, you should be able to receive compensation through your employer’s workers’ comp program. Workers’ compensation will help cover treatment as well as time off of work to heal.

That is, however, not the only route an injured worker can go. Sometimes a third party might be an option in filing a lawsuit. A driver can, in fact, sue the manufacturer depending on the situation. If the forklift malfunctioned and caused an accident, that could be grounds for a lawsuit, which would cover more than lost wages and medical bills; it could even cover emotional distress and other additional expenses.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many employees blame themselves for the injuries. An investigation could reveal that defective equipment played a role in the accident, i.e. lack of warning messages, missing safety lights, improperly installed components, or another defect-related issue. Poor training, supervision, and site maintenance could also be factors. You will need the experience of an expert to investigate and determine where liability lies.

Seek the Assistance of a Quality Forklift Accident Attorney

If you are injured in a forklift accident, you need to act fast. Under Georgia law, these cases stand with a statute of limitations capping at two years, so if you do happen to be a victim of a forklift accident, be sure to consult an attorney before you reach the limit.

All it takes is one consultation to learn about all of your options. Start your search today to find a workplace accident lawyer with both trial experience and forklift accident experience.

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