Financial Rewards for Medicare Whistleblowers

How to Get Paid for Exposing Medicare Fraud

Video Transcript:

Leslie Rhode:

Do Medicare whistleblowers receive economic rewards? We ask attorney Jason Brown in this
AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Jason Brown:

If a Medicare whistleblower blows the whistle in the right manner, they can receive up to 30% of what the government obtains in its recovery. So it's critical to go through the correct process, which is to file the case with a whistleblower law firm under seal so the defendant is not aware of it, notify the Attorney General properly, notify the local United States attorney's office properly, and then present the case so the plaintiff—the Medicare whistleblower, also known as relater—can present the information to the federal government and the government can decide how, if at all, to act. It doesn't end if the government chooses not to act. If you have a very good fact pattern, and you have a lot of damages on the other side, and the government chooses not to get involved, private law firms such as our whistleblower law firm can still proceed with the action if we conclude it's viable after the government took the first look.

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