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Professional Malpractice

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Malpractice can occur in many professional fields, not just the medical one. If someone goes against the commonly accepted practices of their field and is at risk of losing their license, there’s a chance that professional malpractice may have occurred.

Attorneys, professors, therapists, cosmetologists, agents, and many other occupations could face charges of professional malpractice based on certain types of misconduct. Anyone who has a career that requires a professional license could be at risk of facing a malpractice lawsuit, regardless of any deviation from the standards of the field.

If your license is at risk of suspension or revocation, don’t attempt to handle the situation alone. Reach out to an attorney with experience in administrative law to ensure that your livelihood is protected to the best ability.

Video Transcript:

A malpractice attorney generally pursues or defends against claims of medical malpractice or legal malpractice, but also professional malpractice can involve administrative law that governs professional licensure, depending on the nature of the case. If you need to make a claim against a healthcare professional or lawyer, or if you are a state-licensed professional and face repercussions such as license suspension or license revocation, you must have experienced legal counsel to protect your rights in the judicial or administrative case.

Many professionals in different industries have state-granted licenses or certifications, this includes but is not limited to teachers, agents, cosmetologists, dental assistance, commercial drivers, insurance agents, health inspectors, brokers and more. If a professional is threatened by the state administrative agency for license suspension or license revocation, that person's livelihood is on the line. Seek out an attorney with experience in administrative law to protect your right.

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